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Nottingham Academy

RSHE Consultation

In preparation for statutory changes to the curriculum of Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) in September 2020, we have drafted a new policy.

The legislation makes it clear that all schools should approach RSE in a faith sensitive and inclusive way, seeking to explain fairly the tenets and varying interpretations of religious communities on matters of sex and relationships and teach these viewpoints with respect. With this in mind, once you have had the opportunity to read the policy, you can take part in our feedback process by completing a short questionnaire on the draft policy and the resources.

We understand our very diverse community at The Wells Academy and want our RSHE to represent a range of faith perspectives. We are using the document ‘Faith and Relationships’ produced by Nottingham City Council and the Nottingham Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) to support teachers to share a range of faith views on different topics in addition to the law. ‘Faith and Relationships’ was created by representatives from local faith groups, including from the Karimia Institute, Hinduism Education Services and Nottingham Sevadaar.


Curriculum Mapping Documents

Year 7 Curriculum Map

Year 8 Curriculum Map

Year 9 Curriculum Map

Year 10 Curriculum Map

Year 11 Curriculum Map


RSHE Draft Policy

RSHE Policy - September 2020


Please click here to take a part in the parent and carer questionnaire.


Withdrawing your child from Sex Education

Parents/carers will have the right to withdraw their child from part or all of the sex education delivered as part of RSE.  When the new requirements come into place, parents/carers can do this until 3 terms before their child turns 16. After that, it will be the child's decision.  Currently, the SRE guidance does not set any age limit for withdrawing a child from sex education. 

If you wish to withdraw your child from all or part of the sex education delivered please write directly to the Principal, Mr M Shepherd detailing your reason for withdrawing your child from sex education and any other information you would like the school to consider. Please include the name of your child with your contact details.


To know more

To read more about the Government’s expectations on this matter please, click the following link:

Finally, if you want to have access to the Government’s guide on Relationships (and sex) education and health education (updated statutory guidance and consultation outcomes), DfE, February 2019 please click the following link:


Frequently asked questions

Throughout the Government’s engagement and development process of this new RSE curriculum, a number of wide-ranging concerns have been heard.  To support you with understanding this change in your child’s education, you can access some of the frequently asked questions that help address misconceptions on this matter on the webpages below:

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution. We are going to continue to reach out to parents therefore, if you would like to be a part of reviewing our RSHE curriculum further and developing it throughout the year then please share your interest and email Miss S Gascoyne at


Resources to help Parents and Carers at home